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 This past weekend we celebrated Richard IV’s first birthday. He is doing great and growing up so quickly. We had great fun with his grandparents and some friends. He really loved the cake and presents but those pesky balloons kept popping when he tried to play with them! For all the pictures we found check […]

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My employer needed someone to fly down to Phoenix, AZ for some work. I volunteered so I could combine it into a chance to head over to the Grand Canyon to see Carmen. I flew down from Portland to Phoenix in the early morning on Friday. It was a warm 101 in Phoenix and I […]

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I finally have posted a few new videos on the site. Until I have a chance to put them into the picture gallery here are links to the new movies! Movie of Kayla meeting baby Richard IV for the first time in the hospital (January 21,2008) [yes about 4 months ago] Movie of Kayla and […]

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After viewing a gallery using the new browser plug-in PicLens, I knew I had to setup our site to work with PicLens. PicLens is a Plug-in to Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Safari that displays pictures as a 3D wall of images that you can fly through. It also enables you to view a slide […]

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I have posted TONS of new pictures in our Picture Gallery. It had been quite a while since I had updated the gallery with new pictures but I finally have gotten all caught up! I uploaded so many pictures that they go over to the second page so make sure you click through to the […]

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Stephanie and I have owned our Eagle Crest Chalet for three years now and it has been a great experience. Everything was going along very smoothly with lots of happy renters and great success until we got a little too successful for the Eagle Crest Resort to handle. Seems we made it to the top […]