Mac Convert -- Me and My Mac Book ProWell the unbelivable happened, I am now the proud owner of a new 17″ Mac Book Pro. Who would have thunk it? I have always been a hard core Windows person and after my experiences with Macs during my research and schooling days I had no desire to go back to try a Mac. A funny thing happened, though, after Mac released their new Intel driven PC’s and then Laptops I got mildly interested in it if nothing else because it was newsworthy.

Enter a new job where I am working closly with designers who are devoted Mac-anics. When I had the chance to upgrade my 4 year old Dell Optiplex (*shudder*) I thought what the heck lets give this mac thing a try. I researched laptops a ton and the more I learned the more excited I got about what Apple was doing with the Mac Book Pro’s. Not only just the form which Apple has always been way out in front on but also now the function and the ability to run Windows natively if I needed.

OS X is what really pushed me over the edge, though. I had heard alot of buzz about the new UNIXish OS from Apple but hadn’t really had a chance to see what they hype was all about (remember PC guy, no Apple). That is, until I got a link to a Google Video clip of Bill Gates’ Windows Vista feature presentation with the video of Windows Vista replaced with the current version of OSX (see below).

I immediatly thought, well why should I wait for months for an OS to come out when a better one already exists? Plus since OS X is built upon a UNIX/LINUX esque kernel it is bound to be not only stable but allows me to SSH in and do other work with ease.

The combination of this awesome OS with the ability to run Windows XP seemlessly inside of OS X with Parallels or boot direclty into Windows with BootCamp sold me. After what seemed like a forever wait and a production delay by Apple my fully loaded Mac Book Pro arrived. I am extremly happy with the machine and am loving the OS. I am still making the mind switch over to the new functionality but the effort is well worth it.

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