Jaiku Screenshot
Micro-blogging superstar Twitter now has competition and its name is Jaiku. Recently internet and Mac Superstar Leo Laporte switched from Twitter to Jaiku because of possible confusion between his Podcast TWiT and Twitter and caused a bit of a rumble in Twitter and probably a huge upsurge in the Jaiku ranks. I signed up and am there at http://richsipe.jaiku.com. My first impressions is it is super slick looking. Also, it appears to be much more functional than Twitter. It includes the ability to latch into your RSS feeds combined with a super slick look and a few nifty ideas such as icons.

The concerns I have is Twitter can already quickly become way too much information and by adding in so many other hooks Jaiku has the chance of becoming a nifty looking blur of information and quickly useless because of that. I will be giving it a chance for the next week and see the differences and pros and cons of each. Really, there can be only one! Seriously, though, with blogging and then micro-blogging it would be way to time intensive to try to update both Twitter and Jaiku. That is Jaiku’s biggest challenge, I believe, is to pull enough people away from the SXSW pheonomena of Twitter to make this work because without those internet “superstars” it probably won’t fly.

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