I recently found the great website Photogamer is a group of photographers who got together to sponsor weekly photo competitions. The group sets the theme for the week and the photographers set out to capture photos that display that theme. You have from Thursday to Sunday night to take the pictures and the winners are picked the next week.

My first attempt at the contest yielded a wining photograph. My interpretation of “Glowing,” which is the picture at the beginning of this post, won for that week. This is a huge honor because photogamer includes many professional photographers and all are very very talented with many using superior DSLR cameras to my Konica point and shoot.

I am having a blast taking the pictures each week and it is really great to get ideas from other photographer’s submissions and be a part of the photographic community. You can view all of my flickr photos here or view just my photogamer flickr set here. You could also sign up on flickr, add richsipe to your contacts, and join the photogamer fun! Photograph and Photogamer digg:Winning Photograph and Photogamer spurl:Winning Photograph and Photogamer wists:Winning Photograph and Photogamer simpy:Winning Photograph and Photogamer newsvine:Winning Photograph and Photogamer blinklist:Winning Photograph and Photogamer furl:Winning Photograph and Photogamer reddit:Winning Photograph and Photogamer fark:Winning Photograph and Photogamer blogmarks:Winning Photograph and Photogamer Y!:Winning Photograph and Photogamer smarking:Winning Photograph and Photogamer magnolia:Winning Photograph and Photogamer segnalo:Winning Photograph and Photogamer