Never being able to pass up a generous offer of free beer and 4-square in a parking lot I stopped by the Portland Mercury building for some fun before the KATU sponsored Portland Blogger Meet-Up. The beautiful weather and promise of beer led to an above expected turnout of 3 bloggers and I think 6 Mercury staff and friends.

The PBR (Thats Pabst Blue Ribbon for you not in the know) in the case with ice on top and chips on the pavement was a classy touch that really set the mood. The Spider Man ball was rockin’ the 4-square court and things just were starting to get crazy as the time arrived for us to head across the street to the KATU studios. I did have time to give Matt Davis from the Mercury an impromptu Photoshop lesson where he created an awesome animated gif of the 4-square action. An experience he said was:

I should also mention that creating a gif image is about as satisfying as I imagine it must be to actually give birth to a real life, human child.

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