You can see the first photos of Baby Richard in our Sipe Family Photo Gallery. Check back often as the pictures are sure to be increasing!

Richard’s Birth Story

We left for church Sunday January 20th with no idea that by the end of the evening we would have a new baby boy. Stephanie had been having false contractions for the better part of a month and was dialated at her last prenatal appointment but things did not seem to be moving along any further.

We went to Target after church and had some Burgerville for lunch then went over to the Harriers, Stephanie’s parents. As we were playing some card games in late afternoon Stephanie started having contractions and they seemed to be the real thing. We expected them to be far apart but after they seemed to be pretty quick we started the stopwatch.

Within about an hour we were headed to the hospital to hopefully have a baby! We passed the triage test even though the contractions nearly disappeared at the hospital as Steph was 6cm dilated.

Steph was very calm and walked around the birthing center to pass the time and help things along. Her contractions started to be very uncomfortable around 8:30pm so she decided to have her epidural. With the one she had during Kayla not working we prayed this one would do better.

It took a few returns by the anesthesia nurse to get thing dialed in and she just had a small hot-spot of mild pain. Around 11:30pm it looked like we were going to have a long road ahead since at 9:30pm she was still 7cm dilated. Boy were we wrong.

Around 11:32pm Steph’s hips were hurting from laying on the one side so the nurse and Richard helped her get flat. That was very uncomfortable for her and she had lots of pressure so we helped her get turned to the other side a bit. That was really not good and she started to feel ill. We got her the bucket to be ill in. She vomited a few times when we heard a small sound. Richard said “That sounded like a baby crying!!!” The nurse was luckily in the room and hurried over to lift up the sheet covering Stephanie …

AND THERE WAS RICHARD STARING BACK AT US LAYING ON THE BED!!! The pressure she felt that caused her to vomit was Richard getting into position for birth and moving down the birth canal. The nurse was excellent and quickly got the cord in position and cleared his mouth then hit the button to bring in the calvary. Within 20 seconds there were 6 more nurses and our midwife in the room.

Baby Richard was doing great after his quick trip into the world. The nurse and midwife took great care of him and Steph. Steph did have a little bit of tearing but nothing like before. No huge blood loss or anything this time.

We thank all our friends and family for their prayers for a smooth and easy delivery. Steph was very very apprehensive after her last near death birthing experience and those prayers made it possible. Steph’s grandmother woke up around 1:30am her time with the strong feeling to pray for Stephanie. Grandma Eggert did and within 7 minutes we had our baby (since that happened to be 11:30pm our time).

Again we had a very memorable birth of a child! Richard Photos & Birth Story digg:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story spurl:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story wists:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story simpy:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story newsvine:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story blinklist:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story furl:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story reddit:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story fark:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story blogmarks:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story Y!:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story smarking:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story magnolia:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story segnalo:Baby Richard Photos & Birth Story