PicLens Screenshot PicLens Screenshot - Wall View Detail PicLens Screenshot - Slide Show View
After viewing a gallery using the new browser plug-in PicLens, I knew I had to setup our site to work with PicLens. PicLens is a Plug-in to Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Safari that displays pictures as a 3D wall of images that you can fly through. It also enables you to view a slide show of images all using the PicLens Plug-In. All this is done in full screen mode so the pictures look amazing.

To view the images on our site using PicLens you need to:
1) Download the PicLens Plugin at their website: http://www.piclens.com
2) Install the Plugin. It is fairly straightforward but let me know if you have issues.
3) Browse to our Photo Gallery.
4) Now you can either:
   -Mouse Over an Image and then Click on the Arrow That Appears
   -In Firefox Click on the PicLens Icon in the upper left of your screen
   -In Internet Explorer Click the >> To the Right of Tools and Select “Launch PicLens”

Since I currently have ALL of our images in a single gallery, it may take a while to load. Once PicLens loads (you will see a black screen with all the pictures stacked in a 3D wall) you can grab the screen with the mouse and drag the wall of pictures to move through. You can also click on the rectangle with the 4 arrows at the corners in the bottom left of the screen to start a slideshow.

If you have any problems with this let me know. Of course you can always view all our photos using the normal method of clicking on one and moving throuugh the gallery without this plugin.

UPDATE 6/1/2008: You can now also view all of our videos using the PicLens plug-in. Just go to our photo gallery, then click on the PicLens plug-in in your browser bar or click on a picture to launch the PicLens viewer. The PicLens videos will be at the beginning of the “photo wall.”

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