I was recently looking for an armband for my iPhone 3G. I found a few on Amazon.com that looked OK. With shipping they were priced from $15 to $30+. Since I wasn’t sure I really wanted one that was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

I then found eforcity.com through a google search and their iPhone 3G armband for the excellent price of FREE! Simply add the BLACK iPhone 3G Armband to your cart, then during checkout enter the code FREEIPHARM for a $9.99 discount. You only pay shipping and handling which for me was $5.99. Your price will vary on this depending on your location and the shipping calculator.

You, as I was, may be wary of this free price but I got my iPhone 3G Black Armband in the mail four days later and it was just as advertised. I haven’t noticed any weird charges on my credit card yet 😉 but I will let you know. Enjoy your armband and happy exercising.

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