iPhone Application - Horizontal Speedometer

iPhone Application - Horizsontal Speedometer

I have finally finished my first iPhone app and gotten it up on the app store. You can download it now at the app store through the link on the app’s website: http://www.HorizontalSpeedometer.com.

It is a speedometer for your iPhone that does a bunch more: The coolest thing the app does is get your current weather conditions and temperature using you current GPS locaiton. The app also keeps track of your odometer mileage using fun little flip odometer animations. There is also a flip side view that gives you the current map of your location. Using the settings app on your iPhone you can switch between Metric (KPH/Celsius) and USA (MPH, Fahrenheit)!

I will put up a bunch more information later and update that app web site when I have a bit more time and am ready to start rolling out some kind of “advertising” so people can find it among the other 400,000 apps!

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